In the middle of Moncalieri Industrial Hub, inside a modern building of 6.000 sqm, are working over than 50 human resources (among high leveled technicians, specialists, experienced workers) employed daily on design, production, assembling and testing on the best AWP machines of the Italian market.
Since 2004 - relying on a thirty year experience of its CEO Calogero Mistretta - Marim has become a leading reality on slot machines and coin up games market, owing both to its production capability and its domestic/foreign distribution.



A tireless research into innovation and rule adaptations too are the base point of each our designs. New solutions, original workable-proof models and state-of-the-art electronic components are whole thought, designed and tested before their industrialization.


Laser cutting-edge machines, robotic benders, an internal welding shop allow us a direct and complete production beyond 15000 cabinets par year. Ever-full stocks ready to fill orders within 24hours (even huge lots) with "fresh made" goods are our strong point.


The internal development of the complete manufacturing process, from the manufacture to mechanical/electronic assembly, allow us to test machines on high precision level margins.


We take care about technical software's development and game system's programming too, even been grateful to foreign software houses partnership, in order to build, step by step, the most attractive and appealing final product.


We have already designed each Slot Machine following versatility and easy maintenance criteria, certifying the maximum reliability as closer as possible. Furthermore, it is available a ready-made customer care in the remote event of a lack, prompt to offer an immediate solution (spare parts\replacement machines).